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Get the Game. Subscribe Now. Enter your date of birth Date: Month: Year:. Please enter a valid date. Learn More. Social Updates. Step 1: Select an Edition. Buy The Digital Deluxe Edition. Buy the Digital Standard Edition. Buy the Standard Edition. Buy the Pro Edition. Buy The Season Pass. Although initial impressions might be deceiving, CarneyVale Showtime is in fact, an extremely elegant and clever design that requires a good degree of hand-eye coordination.

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Its challenge is nicely complemented by the absolutely spot-on controls and impeccable level of polish present everywhere throughout the game. The levels are a mixture of centrifugal devices and trampoline-like surfaces off which you can bounce. Performing tricks, hitting particular highs, and then completing the level pushes you forward, and opens up increasingly complex acrobatic puzzles.

Why console fanboys always fight for the second place when it comes to graphics?

While it appears straightforward to start off with, it rapidly becomes clear that it's a highly unusual game, blending action timing with some puzzle-solving elements. Just how do you get through this level, or that? How do you maximise your points with a convoluted route to the final somersault?

The small amount of balance control you have over your tumbling puppet means the game rewards extended time spent with it, as it's possible to become increasingly skilled over many sessions, manipulating your charge through some serious split-second stunts. CarneyVale: Showtime is fantastically presented, and possibly the most polished-looking of the games on this Grand Prize list.

Darren puts together a PHP script that, in conjunction with Ping. With the end of the year approaching quickly, it's customary to see various sites ranking top games of the year, but Gamasutra took a different approach and ranked their top 10 of the XNA Community Games for the Xbox Check the full list if you're looking for a little extra XNA gaming to kick off the new year.

When I first started challenging Community Games developers to submit their work for review on Destructoid, I had hoped that some real gems would come out of the woodwork and prove their worth. I had not, however, expected CarneyVale Showtime. At the risk of spoiling the whole review before you even read it, let me say that if you're at all interested in the potential of XNA games, then you really, really, really need to check this one out.

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A breath of fresh air? This is more like a gale of the stuff. The Singapore M. Gambit Game Lab's main goal is to make games that can be distributed globally from the start instead of producing games from one continent, then later translating them for other continents. A student named Eitan Glinert thought it would be a good idea to make a game catered to people who are visually impaired for his Master's thesis. Along with the help of seven other students and a professor, the team created a game called AudiOdyssey that allows the blind to play alongside with those who can see.

It looks into game research and development. Clowning around can definitely get you places.

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Created by the local Gambit game lab, CarneyVale Showtime is an illogical yet fun-filled romp that is both frustrating and fulfilling at the same time. This is the very daring and good initiative, directed toward the creation of games for the blind, it writes expert. In the project to [yuzeram] it is necessary to become club di- Jay and to turn vinyls. In order to heat crowd and to draw on the area a little more of people, in the music the rhythm must coincide.

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Combined two tracks must be using Wiimote or simple keyboard. To play it is possible being oriented only on the sound.

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Very interesting idea. CarneyVale: Showtime is a sequel to a game you'll probably never play. Rather than port the cheekily named CarneyVale: Wiip over to for this year's DBP contest, the team kept the circus theme and created a brand-new game in the same world, this time based on acrobatics. Note: For more, download the PDF below or visit www.

Once again, a year has passed. We've tried our hardest to recommend the very best online games and downloadable casual games available on the Web, and now it's time for you to have your say. Yes, it's time for the fifth annual Jay Is Games "Best of" feature. Help us out by voting for your favorite games of ! CarneyVale: Showtime, a student-made game about a circus acrobat, was just named a finalist in the IGF main competition.

GameCareerGuide caught up with the students and spoke to them about developing the game, from how they optimized the code to the use of ragdoll physics.

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Video, of course, takes its root from the Latin word for "see. Gambit Game Lab, a collaboration of developers at MIT and Singapore, have developed AudiOdyssey as a proof-of-concept that games can be created for the disabled to enjoy, too. You might remember Gambit as the winner of the grand prize of Microsoft's Dream-Build-Play game development contest. One MIT designer got to thinking about markets in something other than a geographic sense, and wondered if a game could be built to include both blind and sighted gamers.

The Singapore-M.