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Zeiser Perturbed preconditioned inverse iteration for operator eigenvalue problems with application at adaptive wavelet discretization Advances in Computational Mathematics, Vol. Flad, W. Hackbusch, B. Schneider Concepts of data-sparse tensor-product approximation in many-particle modelling Matrix methods: theory, algorithms and applications, pp.

Reichmann, Ch. Schwab Wavelet solution of variable order pseudodifferential equations Calcolo, Vol. Schneider, Th. Rohwedder, H. Schneider Rapid solution of boundary integral equations by wavelet Galerkin schemes Multiscale, nonlinear and adaptive approximation, pp. Schneider Analysis of the projected coupled cluster method in electronic structure calculation revised version Numerische Mathematik, Vol.

Rohwedder, J. Blauert Direct minimization for calculating invariant subspaces in density functional computations of the electronic structure Journal of Computational Mathematics , Vol. Sielk, H. Hartke Quantum-mechanical wavepacket propagation in a sparse, adaptive basis of interpolating Gaussians with collocation Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 no.

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Dahmen, Th. Zeiser Adaptive eigenvalue computation: complexity estimates Numerische Mathematik, Vol. Schwab Multilevel frames for sparse tensor product spaces Numerische Mathematik, Vol. Schneider, Ch. Schwab Sparse second moment analysis for elliptic problems in stochastic domains Numerische Mathematik, Vol. Genovese, A.

Quantum Computation for Quantum Chemistry: Status, Challenges, and Prospects - Session 1

Neelov, St. Goedecker, Th. Deutsch, S. Ghasemi, A. Willand, D. Caliste, O. Zilberberg, M. Rayson, A. Bergman, R.

Advances in Quantum Chemistry, Volume 28 - 1st Edition

Schneider Daubechies wavelets as a basis set for density functional pseudopotential calculations Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. Schneider, T. Weber Multiscale approximation schemes in electronic structure calculation, in Harmonic, wavelet and p-adic analysis Eds. Chuong et al. Gnewuch, R. Lindloh, R. Srivastav Cubature formulas for function spaces with moderate smoothness Journal of Complexity, Vol.

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  8. Hackbusch, R. Schneider Best N-term approximation in electronic structure calculation II. Dahmen, H. Schneider Adaptive methods for boundary integral equations : complexity and convergence estimates Mathematics of Computation, Vol. Eppler, H. Barinka, W. Dahmen, R.

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    Schneider Fast computation of adaptive wavelet expansions Numerische Mathematik, Vol. Harbrecht, U. Schneider Wavelet matrix compression for boundary integral equations. Weber Wavelets for density matrix computation in electronic structure calculation Applied Numerical Mathematics, Vol.

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    Schneider, Y. Xu, A. Schneider Best N-term approximation in electronic structure calculations. Beuchler, R. Schwab Erratum: Multiresolution weighted norm equivalences and applications Numerische Mathematik, Vol. Preprint Nr. Schneider Biorthogonal wavelet bases for the boundary element method Mathematische Nachrichten, Vol.


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    Harbrecht, C. Paiva, R. Harbrecht, F. Paiva, C. Dahmen, A. Kunoth, R. Schneider Wavelet Galerkin methods for boundary integral equations and the coupling with finite element methods Wavelet transforms and time-frequency signal analysis, pp. Xu Nonlinear functionals of wavelet expansions - adaptive reconstruction and fast evaluation Numerische Mathematik, Vol.

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    1st Edition

    Schneider, K. Zeitelhack, H. Geissel, A. Magel, G. Schneider Wavelets with complementary boundary conditions - function spaces on the cube Results in Mathematics, Vol. Schneider Multiskalen- und Wavelet-Matrixkompression. German Multiscale and wavelet matrix compression. Dahmen, B.