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here Abstract This is an introduction to a series of talks of Nick Rosenblum on his foundational work with Dennis Gaitsgory that establishes the basic D-module functoriality in the context of derived algebraic geometry hence for arbitrary singular algebraic varieties over a field of characteristic 0. I will discuss the notion of crystals and de Rham coefficients that goes back to Grothendieck, the derived D-module functoriality for smooth varieties due to Bernstein and Kashiwara , and some basic ideas of the Gaitsgory-Rosenblum theory.

No previous knowledge of the above subjects is needed. Date : Thu, 4 Oct Monday October 8 , p. Nick Rozenblyum NWU.

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Duality and D-modules via derived algebraic geometry. Abstract I will describe joint work with D. Gaitsgory formulating the theory of D-modules using derived algebraic geometry.

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  • I will begin with an overview of Grothendieck-Serre duality in derived algebraic geometry via the formalism of ind-coherent sheaves. The theory of D-modules will be built as an extension of this theory. A key player in the story is the deRham stack, introduced by Simpson in the context of nonabelian Hodge theory.

    It is a convenient formulation of Gorthendieck's theory of crystals in characteristic 0. I will explain its construction and basic properties. The category of D-modules is defined as sheaves in the deRham stack. This construction has a number of benefits; for instance, Kashiwara's Lemma and h-descent are easy consequences of the definition. I will also explain how this approach compares to more familiar definitions. Date : Mon, 8 Oct Thursday October 11 , p. Nick will continue next Thursday: Thursday October 18 , p.