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It is anticipated that our analysis will be more efficient and as accurate as manual formant extraction techniques. It is also anticipated that our analysis will be sensitive enough to identify normal versus disorders speech when applied to the voice of several neurological diseases highly prevalent throughout the state of Michigan. Differences in vowel space area between non-disordered and concussed individuals are examined and discussed in this study.

This research project examined the similarities and differences of cranial nerve functioning of subjects from age 6 to Examining a convenience sample of consecutive patients to a community-based concussion clinic were examined.

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Cranial nerve functioning was assessed examining — smell, hearing, pupils, ocular-motor functioning, ataxia, and balance. Developmental differences were observed. Subtle cranial nerve abnormalities can assist clinicians in identifying, recommending treatments, and monitoring recovery of patients diagnosed with a mTBI. Tony Doran a , Dan Pokrifka a. Clinical proficiency was examined in an outpatient concussion clinic.

Methodology: Peer review documentation of medical records; presentations to senior clinicians were used to rate clinical proficiency; total number of mTBI seen were used to complete rating evaluations. Discussion: Generally greater exposure to evaluating, diagnosing and treating mTBI lead to greater expertise in clinical management. Human voice carries various indexical, linguistic, and pathologic information.

Early diagnosis of this neurological disorder through acoustic analysis of speech signal provides a low-cost, non-invasive and valuable mean for effective intervention and treatment of this neurologic disorder. Individuals with concussed brain are very likely to experience impaired neural intervention to muscles and tissues responsible for articulatory movement during speech.

Evidence of deviation from normal articulatory movements can be captured by tracking formant changes as acoustic measures of the natural resonances of the vocal cavity i. Vowel pronunciation of participants were recorded before and right after concussion diagnosis. F1 and F2 values were extracted for subjects 13 Females and 90 Males at consecutive analysis frames with 10 ms length through the duration of the sustained vowels.

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Temporal variation of formant trajectories before and after concussion revealed that the articulatory movements in individuals who diagnosed with concussion contain wider range of variability with deviated tongue position after diagnosis compared to normal condition. Machine learning of temporally dynamic cues of F1-F2 formant trajectories revealed the distinctive clusters of formant trajectories distribution for the vowel sounds pronounced before and after concussion. This deviation from normal pronunciation of vowel sounds is detectable by tracking temporal variation of F1-F2 formant values as biomarkers of concussed speech.

Melissa Stockbridge a,b , Rochelle Newman a. Purpose: The purpose of this research is to examine typed, written narratives in order to better understand the kinds of cognitive and language deficits that adolescents and adults experience immediately following a concussion. Method: Participants aged years old who had either a recent concussion or no history of brain injury responded to an online survey by writing both a familiar and a novel narrative.

They also completed multiple tasks targeting word-level and domain-general cognitive skills, so performance could be interpreted across these dimensions.

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Results: Participants with a recent concussion demonstrated difficulties in letter fluency, story grammar, and cohesion, but not common measures of syntactic complexity. Evidence of word finding errors at the prose level was mixed.

This suggested that deficits in narrative language, though likely influenced by problems in word-finding, memory, and attention, also existed beyond what could be explained by those deficits alone. Conclusions: These findings support a multidimensional explanation of narrative deficits observed in writing.

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  6. Deana Adams a. Specifically, how to manage the propensity of depression and anxiety that accompanies brain injury for survivors as well as caregivers. Participants: This study included fourteen individuals, eight participants with severe traumatic brain injury and six primary caregivers, who participated in a series of semi-structured interviews aimed at identifying the coping strategies utilized in dealing with the effects of severe brain injury. Method: The study design was a qualitative phenomenological method. Results: The study identified the prevalence of anxiety and depression after severe brain injury.

    Participants offered suggestions for mental health professionals addressing how to more effectively work with brain injury survivors and their primary caregivers. Conclusion: Coping strategies determine the effectiveness in managing anxiety and depression after severe brain injury. The findings indicated problem focused, emotion focused, and avoidant coping were utilized to some degree throughout the rehabilitation process. Results also supported research addressing effective management of depression and anxiety in the brain injured and their caregivers. Background: Traumatic brain injury often have major consequences for the individual affected, since severe traumatic brain injury often leads to long-term physical, cognitive, social and behavioral deficits.

    These impairments affect the patient's participation in the decision-making process during the admission to a rehabilitation department and relatives become important participants as a proxy to advocate for patients. However, studies have shown that this is complex because of differing understandings of the meaning of involvement as well as diverse needs to be involved.

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    Aims and Objective: We explored the experience of the rehabilitation process from the perspectives of relatives of patients with a severe traumatic brain injury. Design: A longitudinal study with a qualitative approach, drawing on the theory of Pierre Bourdieu. Methods: Data were generated using participant observation and semi-structured interviews. Participants were eleven relatives of patients with a severe traumatic brain injury, followed through in-patient rehabilitation varying from nine to twelve weeks. Analysis was undertaken using both an inductive and deductive approach.

    These positions illustrate how different positions and related dispositions of relatives influence their strategies. Differences were evident in how relatives act, participate and relate to both the patient and the providers during rehabilitation. Knowledge about the three related positions offers a way of thinking that can help clinicians reflect on their own practice. Neera Kapoor a. We also sought to identify medical comorbidities that had significant impact on inpatient ICH mortality in this period.

    Retrospective cohort study examining , inpatients with ICH diagnosis in US hospitals from with data from the National Inpatient Sample, the largest US all-payer inpatient healthcare database. Univariate odds ratios, confidence intervals, and p-values were obtained from mixed effects linear models with adjustment for clustering within hospitals. A multivariate logistic model of in-hospital mortality in terms of age, gender, race, teaching status of hospitals, income quartile by zip code, and comorbidities was fit without model reduction and the model was validated on data collected in Mortality rates for weekend admissions were compared between urban teaching and urban non-teaching hospitals using a logistic regression of odds ratios to calculate a chi-squared value.

    Coagulopathy was the strongest mortality risk factor for all ICH admissions among medical comorbidities in the study OR 1. Comorbidities associated with decreased mortality for all ICH admissions included complicated diabetes mellitus OR 0. Our study suggests greater mortality for weekend ICH admissions compared to weekday ICH admission, but to a lesser extent in teaching hospitals. We summarized the current evidence on the course and prognostic factors of cognitive outcomes in adults with TBI.

    Our results highlighted that as time since injury progresses, performance of measures of recent memory, executive function, language, and information processing speed tend to improve or remain stable from baseline in non-sports-related mild TBI samples and mixed severity TBI samples, indicating potential neurogenesis or practice effect. Severe injury results also depict mostly improvements or stability with respect to cognitive performance, however, as last follow up time progresses it appears that improvements are abated and reports of no change dominate. Although several mechanisms were found to modulate the risk of cognitive decline in persons with TBI, the evidence in the longitudinal studies published to date suggests the ability of the brain to compensate and naturally recover after injury is associated with genetic makeup, injury severity and count, age, and sex.