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Moreover, its structure and location are similar to the central nervous system CNS of other animals without a complex CNS such as nematodes and starfishes. Functions of the hydra nerve ring are also studied to test the hypothesis. The identified function is a crumpling of the tentacles, corresponding to the function of the inner nerve ring of hydrozoan jellyfish. The jellyfish nerve ring is considered to be a primitive central nervous system of radiates.

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Nature , — Cecil, J. T Mitoses in cell cultures from cardiac tissue of the surf clam, Spisula solidissima. Chen, S. H Cell cultures derived from tissues of Penaeid shrimp, Penaeus penicilatus , and hard clam, Meretrix lusoria. In: Mitsuhashi, J.

CRC, Boca Raton, pp — Chernin, E. Dadkhah-Teherani, Z. Domart-Coulon, I. Cytotechnology 16, — Ebstein, B.

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L Cells from isolated blastomeres of Ilyanassa obsoleta in tissue culture. Cell Res. Furuta, E. Habe, T.

Role of harmones in metamorphosis of insects -- By Phanindra guptha

Scientists, Tokyo, pp. Hansen, E. Invertebrate Tissue Culture, Research Applications.

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Academic, New York, pp 75— Tissue Culture Assoc. Manual 5, — Ivic, L. Iwanaga, Y. Venus 44, — Lebel, J. Le Deuff, R.

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Tissue Culture Methods 16, 67— Li, M. Board Can. Machii, A.

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T Some marine invertebrates tissue culture. Invertebrate Cell System Applications, Vol. Matsumoto, A. Springer-Verlag, Tokyo, pp.

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Monnier-Dadkhah, Z. Naganuma, T, Degnan, B. E Myogenesis in primary cell cultures from larvae of the abalone, Haliotis rufescens. Necco, A.