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On the Spot has lots of tips that are still relevant as well. Full disclosure: I participated in both Andrew Lowell did a great e-book that he self-published that is also still very relevant. Google: Andrew Lowell houdini To answer your question on why there aren't more books, that's easy: It's incredibly time consuming to do a book, and financially makes no sense. Will Cunningham author of Magic of Houdini and I have talked about updating the book, and the publisher wants us to do it, but we both have kids and work.

I'd love to do it, but I can't take 2 months off without pay from my workplace Cheer,s Peter B. If you don't mind me asking what work are you doing at the moment is it Houdini related?

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I do video tutorials too cg-masters. Cosby was so impressed that he recommended her to several agents. In addition to escapes and large-scale stunts, Dietrich has performs illusions with live animals such as doves , rabbits , poodles and ducks. She is also known for sawing men in half. She also does an updated version of the classic Miser's Dream , plucking coins from the air, nose, ears and pockets of a youngster from the audience.

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She is also known for levitating volunteers from the audience. Always interested in magic history and innovation, Dorothy Dietrich learned that opening a magic show spot in New York City was a dream of legendary magicians Houdini, Thurston, David Copperfield and Doug Henning.

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At the same time she wanted a place where best known magicians could be seen, as well as to help to develop future generations of magicians. Established performers of the era also performed with them, including Bobby Baxter, Harry Blackstone, Jr.

Imam would, after several years, break away and form his own competing club downtown in Greenwich Village. Brooks and Dietrich searched out Brother Theodore , whose career had waned, and helped to bring him back to prominence that led to his appearing on The Tom Snyder Tomorrow Show and a series of TV and movie appearances. In , Bust magazine reported [19] about Dietrich's attempt to catch a bullet in a metal cup in her mouth. This came about after catching a. She performed it again in Canada on a TV show called Autobus du Canada for the highest amount ever paid a magician on Canadian television.

It was done under test conditions with the bullets bought by a committee. Brought in under guard, an independent marksman picked and fired the bullet. One of two chosen bullets was fired into a concrete backstop and the second was fired at Dorothy. A similar display is now shown at Scranton's Houdini Museum. For many years she held the Houdini seances in New York as a tribute to the legendary magician, continuing a tradition started by Houdini's wife and passed on to Walter B.

Gibson to carry on the October 31 tradition. Before Gibson died [25] he asked Dietrich [26] to carry on the tradition. The seances at the Houdini Museum in Scranton are often attended by The Houdini Family who are the closest living relatives of Bess Houdini, making this the closest event connected back to the original seances that Bess Houdini held.

When not traveling, Dietrich heads up to The Houdini Museum , the only building in the world dedicated to Houdini, where she performs on a regular basis when in town. She is also a featured performer at the museum's hit show eleven years running Psychic Theater's "Haunted!

Psychic Mystery and Seance Evening! It is the longest-running seance presentation in history. Dietrich also crusades against those who falsely claim to speak to dead relatives of vulnerable grieving citizens. Early on, Dorothy Dietrich realized that there were those who would use magic and various deceptive arts to manipulate and even cheat people out of money. So following in the footsteps of famous debunkers who came before her, such as Houdini, Milbourne Christopher and James Randi, she takes on such a role where possible.

One who tried recently was Canadian television "medium" Kim Dennis, who had contacted the Houdini family claiming she was getting messages from Houdini. According to Dietrich, mediums are thriving today in the U. Dietrich doesn't mince her words in her criticism of "psychics" Sylvia Brown, Lisa Williams and John Edward, who she cites as examples of mediums that are taking advantage of grieving people who are seeking to communicate one last time with their deceased loved one They told him the money was cursed and they were going to cleanse the money of the curse.

The mediums then tell the victim of their scam to take the bundle home and put it in his freezer and not to look at the money for 30 days. After 30 days, when he looks in the freezer he will realize they switched the bundles and his bundle contains no money. By then the con artists are long gone with the victim's money. Dietrich attempted to persuade the gentleman to contact the police, but he refused and told her the "psychics" know where he lived.

Dietrich also sends out the world's only continuous traveling Houdini exhibit. Besides featuring it as part of her many shows, it has also traveled to corporations, banks, and casinos. On September 27, a group she formed, that came to be known in the media as The Houdini Commandos, secretly replaced the statuary bust at Houdini's grave site: Machpelah Cemetery Queens that had been missing due to vandalism for 36 years.

In she petitioned The Society of American Magicians, magic's most prestigious and wealthiest organization, thanks to Houdini, to help take over the care of the grave site at Machpelah Cemetery Queens , which they agreed to by unanimous vote. Long considered by film buffs as lost, Dietrich was aware since her teens that the only copy of Houdini's " The Grim Game " was buried in the apartment of Brooklyn collector Larry Weeks.

The Houdini Guide to Getting Noticed Online

She had seen it several times along with her partner Dick Brooks and attempted to acquire it from him several times to no avail. Finally with the help of a film producer Rick Schmidlin she got him to turn it over to Turner Classic Movies and produce the restoration, who then put up the funding to have it professionally restored and commissioned two new movie scores to be added to the film. Turner flew Dietrich and Brookz to Hollywood to introduce the film as the climax to their week long yearly film festival. As part of the festival Turner asked Dorothy to perform a challenge strait jacket escape for which she got a standing ovation.

Larry Weeks, who was ill and 96 years old died about 5 months before the showing in March. Overview Packed with more than techniques, this book delivers what you need to know—on the spot. About the Author has been a CG artist for over 25 years. Average Review.

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