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Inventive Thinking through TRIZ: A Practical Guide

Coulthard, L. Cullen, D.

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DeLeval, M. Domb, E. Dourson, S. Ersin, F. Gilmore, A. Hipple, J. Ilevbare, I. Ladhari, R. Lam, S. Lee, J. Leonard, M. Lin, C.

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Marsh, D. Movarrei, R. Orloff, M. Parasuraman, A. Petrali, P.

Pin, S. Notice that a well-trained and experienced woodsman, which is nonetheless also a resource, could influence the selection, but we will leave this element out of the system, since it is not a universal finding that there are good people for the execution of this task, and this consideration brings little 4 help in developing a standard ax with high efficiency. The inherent system feature that was used and patented by Fiskar, a global Finish company, used an existent resource of the system and in its environment - the air!

As we shall see, this solution is among those recommended by the Principles of Innovation Table of Altshuller, the number 29, which says: Principle 29 — Pneumatics and Hydraulics: Use gas or liquid as part of an object or system, instead of solid parts e. The solution thus appears almost automatically, since we can use air inside the cable of the ax, making it to be hollow but made of carbon fiber, a very resistant material.

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Recapitulating what we have seen, the search for a creative solution is located where the ax should become stronger, but at the same time the ax shall become easy to be used, or the ax will be heavier, but at the same time lighter! Herein lies the contradiction that must be overcome, as was effectively done in this case.

The ideal end result can then be described as follows: something can change the physical characteristics of the ax, so that it is both light and heavy, with the dual purpose of making it stronger without reducing it user-friendliness. The hollow cable provides this unexpected quality with the help of Principle 29! The effect of cutting the wood is more efficient, which could be interpreted as a result of a greater weight of the tool, although it is lighter and easier to use Simplified TRIZ, work cited, p.

A beautiful solution, patented by Fiskar! Often these three principles are sufficient to develop an innovative solution applicable to a product or service, but are usually not sufficient, requiring the use of the two remaining properties, Evolution of Standards and Innovative Principles.

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Some patterns of evolution, when considered, can cause the appearance of new properties, which allow whole families of instruments or new services to be created, as appropriate. In the example of the ax, we can consider transitions, from the macro level to the micro level, 4 something like an ax made up of particles! We could also evolve further to the atomic level or radiation, or more precisely to the quantum level: the laser, used for efficient cutting on farms and tissues: it is easier to perform cutting a set of denim fabrics in layers with Laser than with a blade or scissors.

John Wiley, , pg. Springer, Berlin, Create Space, USA, Auerbach Publication, USA, Related Papers. Theory of inventive problem solving TRIZ : his-story. By mostafa jafari.

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By Prof. Peyman Akhavan. By Gunes Kucukyazici. Download pdf.