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The idea of WinShell was born. In the same year I also wrote my Diploma Thesis. I spent most of the time at the University in the labs. Other students became interested into my first WinShell application.

It was the first editor which changed the keyboard strokes. I gave WinShell to other students and friends.

LaTeX and Friends

In I became a Doctoral Student at the University, got a little web space on my account, set up the first internet page for WinShell and released the first version. Additionally, an update checker can automatically check for new versions of WinShell. Also, there is a streamline of the original full toolbar and a pdfLaTeX optimized toolbar which can be choosen during installation.

  • The Hostile Hospital (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 8);
  • Almost Eden.
  • Myth #2: people with fetishes need their fetish to have sex.

WinShell 3. I learned a lot in this time and made a lot of friendships with users all over the world.

Edit on 2015/07/07:

I want to thank all the users of WinShell for their support, contributions, feedback and criticism. As one can see, over the time WinShell keept its efficiency, its easiness and intuitive handling.

As for the future, I want to continue it like that. Also, high resolution toolbar and menu images are included. The Output Window has an additional tab to have a comprehensive view on tasks, written in a TeX document. The library is based on libwv and on several other -- mostly Unix based -- libraries.

Installing LaTeX on Ubuntu

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