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Also Emma Chase is sexily sublime! In earlier decades, I was all for the dreamy ideals of everlasting love and self sacrifice, but these days I find myself looking for novels in which love leads to a sense of contentment and self-care. Can anyone recommend something like this? The Inn Boonsboro series by Nora Roberts also features women with real lives who meet men that are dreamy but also realistic i. I just tried to borrow An Extraordinary Union from my library and a book about Stalin and his daughter was the only option.

Not exactly the day off read I was expecting! I even did research on them while in graduate school! I finally just started putting romance novels on my Goodreads, which is very scary! So good. Can we talk about men NOT reading romance though? My husband acts super prim and superior about it. So while I think there is a stigma out there, I also think we can influence people around us by not acting like its something to hide.

Also, my husband did read Fifty Shades of Grey purely out of curiosity. So maybe you could get your husband to read something only for the shock factor?


Maybe because the history and mystery aspects made them more complex. I fell into the romance genre earlier last year when I read an interview with Audible narrator Andi Arndt, who voices several romance novels, and started with the Royally Series by Emma Chase. This series was great, and I quickly jumped into other Emma Chase novels. Royally Matched is great for any fans of the Bachelor. Basically a bad boy prince think Prince Harry before he met Meghan Markle going on a dating show and actually falling in love.

So far I am really loving listening to the audiobook versions better than I do actually reading the book. I found a copy of Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson on the table of free books in my university English department. The narrator is not given a name or a gender. I think she writes pure poetry and always with a thought-provoking twist. I call romance girl books but they are so much more than that.

I think I was born a reader though. My mom used to tell me that my favorite thing ever a a little child was to be read a story and once I could read on my own I always had my nose in a book.

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Aloha and Mahalo for this post. I enjoyed reading romance novels when I was a teen and I believe that encouraged my love for books. Then, a teacher saw my choices of books and discouraged me from reading crap and instead read the classics. I never forgot that moment. Your post gave me validation for reading these kind of books and will definitely check out the titles you recommended.

How do I go about starting a romance novel book club? So glad I came across this! A lovely post, Ashley! I, too, was a closet romance novel reader.

Mills & Boon Series

I agree with all the comments saying that romance novels bring joy. However, I do believe that they could be damaging because they give young girls and boys? It took me years to shake off some crazy notions that were planted in my head by the novels. Or was is just me? My grandmother was a great romance novel lover as well!

Whenever she would give me money for Christmas, she would package it in a romance novel. I loved the novels more than the monetary gift inside! She got me absolutely hooked as a teenager. I came here to say one thing: Audible Romance package.

Manhunt In The Wild West (Harlequin Intrigue Series)

Unlimited binging on romance novels. Thank me later. I read some of the Outlander books this summer and while I think the love-making scenes are well written, the books as a whole left me feeling drained. She was warned. Given every explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted in her sinful behavior, and she would not repent of it. So happy about this post! More of this please Cup Of Jo!! I love this post!

I never really put it together until now, but reading excerpts from romance novels in magazines was totally how I explored sexual and erotic thoughts and feelings as a teenager. Thank you for your recommendations and widening my perspective! No shame. And I love this post and the comments. My favorite romance writer is Mary Balogh. She writes really beautiful, complex characters set during the regency. Many of her have heroines or heroes with physical disabilities. Definitely worth a read! I have a 14 year old son who is a bit of a late bloomer and could use some inspiration in the area of dating, etc.

Can you recommend some gentle young-adult romance books that have strong female characters but also good guy role-models? Sneak Peek Samplers: Teen Reads. Clover Autrey. Sweet Hearts. Lynn Collins. Saved by the Sheriff. Cindi Myers. Cast in Shadow.

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