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If I was going to take the time to watch something, I wanted it to actually move me in a profound way. I recognized that many of the movies that had stayed with me for years were ones that had, in some way, changed my life for the better—whether through providing emotional catharsis, a shift in perception, inspiration or even just a good laugh. I discovered a unique opportunity in the industry to develop this type of content—films that not only entertain, but that also have the possibility of inspiring positive change, both internally in the life of the viewer, as well as in relationship to profound social issues of our time.

There are some great people and production companies currently working in this realm, most prominently, Participant Media , which does a brilliant job of aligning social action campaigns with both narrative and documentary projects that touch on social issues.

A Ribbon of Dreams: Dreams and Cinema

Most notably, they are behind the successes of films like Spotlight and Food, Inc. I believe there is an opportunity to go even deeper and attempt to address the root cause of the major problems the world faces.

Cinema has the power to help audiences experience healing, inspiration, and a heightened spiritual awareness in their individual lives as well, which I find to be at the core of resolving global discord. When financiers do take chances on conscious films, there is typically a huge success rate. Take a look at the numbers of a few features in this realm, as described by the Illuminate Film Festival blog :.

A rapidly growing number of movie-goers are crying out for such qualities in their movies. Why, then, are we still not seeing more films like these produced on a consistent basis? I love exploring the possibilities of conscious cinema through unexpected genres. My first step forward was bootstrapping my debut feature film, Quarter Life Coach , a comedy about a life coach who has a quarter-life crisis.

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I wrote, directed, starred, and produced the film on a shoestring budget. I intend for the film to act as a positive, cathartic force for those who watch it. The project deals with rewiring harmful mental and emotional patterns in the subconscious mind and paving the pathway for a positive future. Abiding as the witness or pure awareness and not getting identified with each thought, emotion, and sensation that arises and passes away is the direct form of meditation which leads to a complete cessation of the sense of a separate and consistent self.

This finally leads to a oneness, in which the observer and the observed merge together, with no distinctions. Please note that this merger is different from the initial identification. Here are some quotes from Ramana Maharshi, using this analogy:. Or again, take the instance of the cinema. Scenes are projected on the screen in the cinema-show. But the moving pictures do not affect or alter the screen. The spectator pays attention to them, not to the screen. They cannot exist apart from the screen, yet the screen is ignored.

So also, the Self is the screen where the pictures, activities etc. The man is aware of the latter but not aware of the essential former. All the same, the world of pictures is not apart from the Self.

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Whether he is aware of the screen or unaware, the actions will continue. Although it is always and all over, yet it is felt at a particular center and on particular occasions. It is also associated with antecedent causes and confounded with the body. Whereas, it is all alone and pure; it is the Self.

If the mind be fixed on the sphurana and one senses it continuously and automatically it is realisation. Again sphurana is the foretaste of Realisation. It is pure. The subject and object proceed from it. If the man mistakes himself for the subject, objects must necessarily appear different from him.

Monitoring Moviegoers’ Brains Can Predict Box Office Success

If, on the other hand, the man feels himself to be the screen on which the subject and object are projected there can be no confusion, and he can remain watching their appearance and disappearance without any perturbation to the Self. They repeat themselves, and yet I am. They are like pictures moving on the screen in a cinema show. They do not affect the screen. Similarly also, I remain unaffected although these states pass off.

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They make their appearance; move forward and backward; change from one to another; are therefore unreal whereas the screen all along remains unchanged. Similarly with paintings: the images are unreal and the canvas real. So also with us: the world-phenomena, within or without, are only passing phenomena not independent of our Self. Only the habit of looking on them as being real and located outside ourselves is responsible for hiding our true being and showing forth the others. The ever-present only Reality, the Self, being found, all other unreal things will disappear, leaving behind the knowledge that they are no other than the Self.

How a movie changed one man’s vision forever

Fire appears to burn buildings to ashes. Water seems to wreck vessels. But the screen on which the pictures are projected remains unscorched and dry. When you are intent on the pictures you are not aware of the screen. But the pictures cannot be seen without the screen behind. The world stands for the pictures and Consciousness stands for the screen. The Consciousness is pure. It is the same as the Self which is eternal and unchanging.

Get rid of the subject and object and Pure Consciousness will alone remain. The seer pays attention to the pictures and ignores the screen. They cannot remain apart from the screen. Still its existence is ignored. So also the Self is the screen on which the pictures, namely activities, are going on. The man is aware of the latter, ignoring the former. All the same he is not apart from the Self.

Whether aware or unaware the actions will continue. The scenes are only phenomena which pass away leaving the screen as it was. Similarly the world phenomena simply pass on before the Jnani one who knows the truth about himself , leaving him unaffected. You are always stationary.

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The scenes go past you.