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Say: The good thing in our Bible story is that the people worked together. But they worked together for the wrong reasons. Form groups of six. Have each group work together to build a structure that only touches the ground in four places like the four legs of a turtle. The structure should be about 5 feet high, using only supplies found in your classroom.

The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss: Snitches, Sneeches, and Other "Creachas"

Designate items that are off-limits for safety reasons, and encourage kids to work together. For each group of four, fill a bowl with marshmallow cream. Give each child a plate, a plastic knife, and six crackers. Have kids build towers on their plates using the crackers and marshmallow cream.

When kids are finished constructing their cracker towers, have them place their green jelly beans on top to remind them of Yertle; then they can eat their towers. Before class, color one marshmallow green per child by dipping marshmallows into a bowl of green food coloring. Give each child a green marshmallow. Set out toothpicks and plain marshmallows to share.

The green marshmallow represents Yertle; place it on top of your tower. Cue the video at Play the video to Read aloud Psalm Say: David wrote that he could sleep through the night because he knew God would keep him safe. Have kids and adults circle around the parachute and grab edges of it to hold for the activity. Tell kids to move the parachute up and down; then have them let go while the adults continue moving the parachute up and down. Have kids run under the parachute. Then have the adults bring the parachute edges to the ground, creating a bubble over the kids. Have kids frost their crackers, making smiling faces with the decorating tubes.

Give each child a sheet of black construction paper. Have kids write Psalm on their sheets of paper with the glow-in-the-dark crayons.

The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss: You're Only Old Once

Turn off the lights to see how everyone glows. Give each child a whole newspaper section. Demonstrate how to unfold it and open it up wide, with an equal number of pages on each side. Starting at one side, roll up the newspaper into a long tube and use a small piece of tape to hold the roll together. Gently twist and pull out the middle strips to make the tube taller and fuller.

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The cool thing is that you recycled newspaper to create your tree rather than using new materials. Read the story The Lorax. Form pairs. Throw newspaper and paper scraps all over the floor. Place the recycle bin at one end of the room. The person walking on his or her hands picks up as much paper as possible and puts it in the recycle bin. Let kids know that when we recycle, everyone wins! Tape the picture of the earth so it can be seen by everyone. Tell kids to spread cream cheese over their entire tortillas. Have kids sprinkle blue and green decorating sugar over their tortillas so they look like the earth.

Get into groups of four and take one trash bag for your group.

The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss! |

If you have enough adults, you can form more groups to cover more territory. When you return to your room, have kids wash up. Then eat your snack together, and thank God for his creation. So, as I pray to the Lord , He open the way through this team. I praise God for this team. This team will give suggestions a lots from the Bible and personal experience team.

I want to teach me for this ministry growing because i am now just starting this ministry with my wife by faith alone without helping any churches. So, please keep in your prayers there.

God bless. Good morning! We are childrens ministry directors at our church, and have written a parody of Dr. We have given it to the kids in our church and it has been well-received by hundreds of readers, including Randy Alcorn see below. Let us know the best address to send it to! Hello Dan and Lucy! You can send your idea to puorgbus group. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Thanks, you're all set! Subscribe to Magazine. Get eNewsletter. Pinterest Facebook Twitter. Menu Close Menu. Skip to content. Read in 13 mins. It is one of their last times together and this reading today is part of a long prayer, a goodbye prayer and a blessing from him to his disciples there and all who would come after. The theme of this prayer is a strong one. He prays that we all may be one—one with God and one with another.

See a Problem?

This word unity sometimes get mixed up with the word uniformity. And there is a big difference. But this is not the prayer or the word from God. Being in unity means being together in the spirit of God in and being together through our uniqueness and our diversity.

God created fish and birds and mammals and plants and fruit and trees and stars and moon. God created not one thing, God created a diversity of things and yet created them all from one source and all tied to being wrapped up in the love and grace of the Holy Spirit. This is a beautiful and good place to start, at the beginning with creation.

I believe God would say From here to there and there to here — good and beautiful things are everywhere. And we can so often see that so well in the natural world around us. Summer in Colorado and summer in the United states is often such a great time to be in awe of creation. So much diversity! In weather in animals in canyons and mountains. We got to be in awe of, as my teens put it, the really big hole of the Grand Canyon and a few days later watch in awe—from a safe distance inside the car— as a mama bear and two cubs rambled through the forest.

And there it was beautiful but so is here—walking the neighborhood, watching the birds in the backyard, seeing the clouds change form and size across the sky. So here we are today, millions of years after that first creation and it is still the same.

Dr. Seuss Lesson 1: Sharing Jesus

We live in diversity of creation and diversity of mind. We live created as brothers and sisters and moms and dads and big people and small people and brown, black, white and all shades of color and gender identity and interests and talents and careers and gifts and thoughts and feelings all created from there to here and here to there all the people in between.

And as Christians we are created in diversity as well. And in that love God also tackles the big issues.