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Two central research questions inform this study: 1 how do the knowledge and practices of international adoption medicine along with its practitioners promote or challenge the kinship identities among members of adoptive families? As a specialty focused on one particular family form, international adoption medicine provides a unique site through which the entanglement of contemporary biomedical expertise in the production of families becomes visible.

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Through interviews with clinicians and adoptive parents and through participant observation in an international adoption medicine clinic and conferences about adoption, I show how the specialty is a practice that aids in the formation of 21st century U. Inside and outside of the clinic, international adoption medicine and the knowledge it produces are used by adoptive families as they form themselves, negotiate what it means to be an internationally adoptive family, and produce health.

International adoption medicine, in turn, builds its expertise on the experiences and needs of adoptive families. Building on a history of the development of international adoption medicine practice, I focus on three processes key to family life: the nurturing of family feeling and cohesion, through discourse and practices of attachment, and through the caretaking and body work related to feces and toileting in which parents engage. Bringing together anthropological literatures on kinship and biomedicine with ethnographic methods, this study highlights the varied and uneven uses of biomedical knowledge, the management of risk at the level of the family, and the social processes that help constitute families.

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We are proud to support the Philadelphia Eagles and their initiative to promote a positive stadium experience for fans with sensory challenges. Learn more in this Today Show report! Today Show got an inside look at our new sensory room, created in partnership with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It's that time of year to start picking out your halloween costume! Spirit Halloween is celebrating spiritofchildren , a program that provides fun and funding to us and other hospitals. Buy your costumes at participating stores to support our Child Life program. Tina Master, one of our a sports medicine pediatricians, and her colleagues recently found that young female athletes often take longer to be seen for and recover from concussions.

In an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer , Dr. Master explains that athletic training coverage during practices and games might explain this inequality in receiving proper care. Leukodystrophies are inherited disorders of the white matter of the brain and spinal cord that can cause problems with movement, speaking, vision, hearing, and overall development.

These disorders are difficult to recognize and diagnose. In honor of Leukodystrophy Awareness Month, learn more about our center and their important work in this video. Elizabeth Walshe, a postdoctoral fellow at CHOP, talked to Popular Science about the concept of "working memory" and how our brains develop at different rates which may impact driving safety.

Last call to register! Teens with chronic headaches and their parents or caregivers are invited to this one-day program to learn about migraines, strategies to manage symptoms, and how caregivers can help their teens. Save the date! Join other kids and families also treated by the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, including our Cleft Lip and Palate and Craniofacial Teams, for a day of fun, games, and food! For Gregory, each October is highly anticipated, and he looks forward to a special day with his favorite people, doing his favorite things. This year will be extra meaningful because he's a CHOP Buddy Walk champion and representing thousands of other children with Down syndrome like him.

Register to show your support for Gregory and others on October 6! Meet Isla and her big brother Zeke and their awesome shirts! Way to go Isla! On the latest episode, Madeline has an in-depth conversation with Dr. Christina Master about CHOP's unique approach to concussion care, including cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment options. Check it out!

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Thank you Kendra Scott for inviting some of our patient families to your Ardmore and King of Prussia locations to make jewelry! This month, when you make an in-store purchase at one of their Pennsylvania locations, you can have a chance to support our Child Life and Patient and Family Services programs.

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At 4-months-old, Raymond was unable to hold his head up and struggled to lift himself off the floor during tummy time. His parents noticed he was not hitting milestones, but were crushed by the diagnosis and its severity. Read about Raymond's spinal muscular atrophy journey, and how surgery was able to straighten his spine and separate his ribs, eliminating life-threatening respiratory infections. From infancy to school age, you have been in the doctor's office with your child for fevers, ear infections, well visits and vaccines.

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As your child enters adolescence, the doctor may ask to talk to your teen alone — without you in the room. But why? Click the link below to read more and find valuable resources for talking with your teen about sensitive topics. Zaki was born with an extra thumb, at 18 months old, he underwent surgical reconstruction to remove it.

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Today, Zaki is a healthy three-year-old with far more thumb flexibility than his doctors ever thought he would have! Meet Mateo!

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  6. As a baby, he was diagnosed with idiopathic infantile scoliosis and underwent casting treatment. At a recent visit with Dr. Cahill, his orthopedic surgeon, Mateo's x-ray showed he no longer has scoliosis. Way to go Mateo! Our patient Tahirah, who our Dr. Kim Smith-Whitley has treated since she was 6 years old, is now a year old mother.

    Her SCD is well managed, yet she describes her pain episodes as worse than childbirth.

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    We are aggressively pursuing innovative and potentially curative therapies for SCD, including gene editing. Breakthrough news for our patients who suffer from severe, even life-threatening peanut allergies: the U.