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Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, La Flesche's view was that religion was the "intellectual core of a people's culture. Bair, Bruce. South Royalton, Va. A candid memoir about growing up on a four-section crop and sheep farm in Sherman County. Baker, Bryan Douglas. Volumes I and II. Examines the "ten-year federal agricultural land retirement program" in the six eastern-most Great Plains states.

Baker, T. The article includes "a comprehensive roster of Kansas windmill makers, ss. Baldridge, Gary. Opposition to this proposed national park emerged in the late s partly because residents remembered the still recent Tuttle Creek controversy. Ball, Larry D. The robbers' attempt to escape took them into Kansas, where two of the six were killed; the incident occurred at Buffalo Springs in present Gove County.

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Baltensperger, Bradley H. Claims that the myth or tradition, which was never accepted by many, "was invented, nurtured, and promoted by both Plains settlers and boomers in an attempt at self-justification and self-promotion" to lend "an aura of heroism" to the settlement process and to bolster "claims about the ability of human action to alter the natural environment. Analyses the forces--technology, land availability, and economics--that tend to cause "spatial and temporal patterns of farm enlargement" in Kansas, Nebraska, and eastern Colorado.

Bancroft-Hunt, Norman, with photographs by Werner Forman. Indians of the Great Plains. First published by Little, Brown in , this beautifully illustrated volume features a lucid narrative and numerous full-color photographs of Indian artifacts and spectacular Plains vistas. Barron, Hal S.

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Barton, O. First published in , McCorkle rode with the Confederate guerrilla and thus offers a sympathetic account of irregular activity. Basgall, Richard J. Dodge City, Kans. McCurdy spent a few years in southeastern Kansas and as a private in the army at Ft. Leavenworth before he was killed in connection with a train robbery in ; his embalmed body became a feature on carnival sideshows before he was buried in Guthrie, Oklahoma, in Bathe, David Alan. Examines Willkie's background as "the philosophic foundation" upon which Willkie would base his One World foreign policy.

Bauer, F. Boeing in Peace and War. Encumclaw, Wash. A 75th anniversary history of a big employer in Washington and Kansas. Bauer, George. Pampa, Tex.

Beam, Patrice Kay. This Omaha, Nebraska, fair attracted almost 3 million visitors, many of whom saw the small Kansas building. Beckham, Stephen Dow. Preservation issues and challenges on the diverse contemporary landscape traversed by the 2,mile-long trail are discussed; no specific reference made to the Kansas portion. Beeman, Randall Scott. Behrendt, Stephen C.

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Compares Curry to earlier and contemporary artists. Bell, Robert Galen. Malin and the Grasslands of North America. Malin's various works in this area "not only amplify and implement [Walter Prescott] Webb's pioneer work but. Using Douglas County and Kansas as a case study, the author demonstrates that divorce and divorce law in this part of the West reflected the established patterns found in states to the east. Benson, Janet E. Berneking, Carolyn Bailey.

Edgar Henry Summerfield Bailey, born in Middlefield, Connecticut, in , joined the University of Kansas faculty in and was soon acting on his beliefs "that impure foods and polluted waters were among the most important problems that society had to solve. Biggers, Don Hampton, edited by Lawrence H. Lubbock: Texas Tech University Press, Reissue of and publication containing first and second-hand accounts of the southern buffalo range. Bilstein, Roger E. Briefly mentions Wichita's aircraft industry. Bird, Roy. Kansas Day by Day. Tucson, Ariz.


Moving through the calendar "day by day," Bird offers a couple of paragraphs of information on selected people and events spanning the state's history from Coronado, April 29, , to Kansas' connection to the infamous Oklahoma City bombing, April 17, Washburn Through the Years. Topeka, Kans. A full-length account of Washburn University that emphasizes four major steps: the emulation of Ivy League institutions with sponsorship by the Congregational Church, the move two miles southwest of downtown Topeka , the city electorate's decision to sponsor a tax-supported municipal university, and the effects of World War II on the campus.

Birney, Ann, and Joyce Thierer. Recounts the steps leading to suffrage for all Kansas women which came with the ratification of an amendment to the state constitution in Black, Brian. This "tale of second nature"--an effort to "improve" on the original landscape--begins in with the first attempts to harness the river's motive power and explores the connection between water power and local enterprises, but focuses on the victories and defeats of J.

Blair, Mike. Prairie Chronicles. Short essays from a syndicated newpaper column, , by a photographer with much work in the Kansas Wildlife and Parks magazine. Blair, Roger P. Picture of grave site on Kansas branch of the Oregon Trail is included. Blair, William Alan, editor. Earlier Geary was the fourth territorial governor of Kansas. Blanke, David Paul. Blevins, Winfred, editor. Dictionary of the American West. New York: Facts on File, Includes Kansas items among the more than 5, entries about the West. Bloch, Anna. Focuses on his time as chairman of the Department of Drawing and Painting at the University of Kansas with five sketches.

Bloodgood, Mary, ed.

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A Quaker, Lightfoot and husband Thomas, the Indian agent for this agency located on the border of eastern Kansas and Nebraska, sought to implement the so-called "Quaker policy" among the Iowa, Sac and Foxes. Blume, Ella Miner. Introduction by Ruth Kelley Hayden. Ella moved to northwestern Kansas with her husband and two small children in ; the diary, which covers the years to , and her other extant writing were analyzed by Gayle Davis in "The Diary as Historical Puzzle," Kansas History see Bollig, M.

A look at a central-western Kansas newspaper during the Great Depression. Bordman, Marcia Beth. City of Boston , Plessy v. Ferguson , and Brown v. Board of Education A study of how jurists exploited "long-lived American rhetoric to increase the emotional charge of their conventional arguments. Bowen, Don R. Through statistical analysis the author examines the rise of violence on the border and concludes, contrary to the "white trash" thesis of William Connelley and others, that most guerillas were the eldest sons of slave holding families who were deprived of their expected occupational pursuits; before "the guerrilla families constituted, in the main, a local elite," an obvious exception being William Quantrill.

Bowman, Larry G. During the spring of , two Kansas teams--the Independence Producers and the Wichita Aviators--participated in games that served as the "impetus to night baseball. Boyer, James B. Concentrates on northeast Kansas. Boyle, Susan Calafate.

Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, Calafate concentrates on the long-neglected west to east traffic on the trail and the role of some ambitious and savvy Hispano merchants who became involved in international trade and finance. Brackman, Barbara. The feature article in a special issue on cowboy boots, Brackman focuses on Charles Hyer of Olathe and other Kansans who contributed to the development of this unique style of footwear. Brackman, Brackman. Investigates the role played by Charles Hyer, an Olathe, Kansas, boot maker, and Texas boot maker Herman Justin in the origin and development of the late nineteenth-century cowboy boot.

Brackman, Barbara, Jennie A. Chinn, Gayle R. Kansas Quilts and Quilters. Going beyond the work presented in the special spring issue of Kansas History , this Kansas Quilt Project publication offers new scholarly work as well as many fine illustrations.